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February 19, 2015  •  2 Comments

I've never blogged. I've never planned on blogging. Something struck me today and I feel the urge to share real life with everyone in internet world. You see, I love to read blogs. But, I get overwhelmed when I read about perfect moms, perfectly clean houses, perfect dinners, just all around perfectness. It's not real. Yes, we all clean our houses, and do great mom things, and make amazing meals (some more often than others), but every day? Why do we only show perfectness to people? Apparently it's becoming a thing to showcase what a day is like for bloggers, moms, photographers, and everyone else. I decided to hop on that gravy train and show what my day is like. Real life.

First, my husband wakes me up, usually around 7:40. I, like any normal mom that has been up at random hours throughout the night nursing a 5 month old whenever he feels like it, start mumbling and reliving my teenage years, and I request (ever so grumpily), "Just 5 more minutes??!!" But then the baby wakes, and I hear my 2 year old on the monitor jumping in his crib, and the dog running through the house, and my 8 year old unable to get into the pantry because the childproof locks are on, and I realize, wait, I can't sleep in... I am a mom. I am responsible for these little humans. So I drag myself out of bed.

Thankfully, my husband takes my daughter, Emma, to school on his way to work. Phew. I don't have to leave the house. Doesn't she look so cute?

I throw some toys in Cohen's crib. He happily plays while I microwave some water and make instant coffee. Who has time to brew coffee??

I change Daxen's diaper, nurse him, put him in a baby device (exersaucer, sitting thingamajig, pack-n-play) and then make breakfast for Grayden. Cohen is still happily playing in his crib, so I load up the dishwasher and then toss the diapers in the washer. Cohen decides that he needs to be released from his cage. I change him, make him some Ovaltine or OJ, and then get Grayden set up for school. Yes, Grayden is playing his DS in this picture.

Kids are playing, craziness is happening, you know, life.

I wash another load of dishes.

Nurse baby.

Then it's lunch time. I eat standing up, usually while holding Daxen, or picking up, or doing random things around the house.

Nurse baby.

Then nap time.

Then more school time.

Nurse baby (See a pattern here?? He eats a lot).

Now that the afternoon is here, it gets really exciting. I load up the boys and get Emma from school. Now is the time I feel like conquering the world and run errands. With 4 kids. Yes, I am crazy. It usually backfires and I swear that I will never go out in public again. Well, at least until the 2 little ones are potty trained. I head back home and start cooking dinner. Dinner usually takes 2-2 1/2 hours because there are diaper changes, baby naps, tantrums, nursing, a whole lot of unknown happens during these magical hours. I get dinner started and it's at a crucial point where I need to stir the pot and get the cornbread out of the oven, but this is my view. I am nursing Daxen. Dinner waits.

I get back in the kitchen and I work on fixing the soup that I terribly messed up and then Daxen decides he wants to nap. Dinner waits.

My husband comes home from work. We sit down at our table with mismatched napkins and cups.

It turns out, the soup is quite tasty!

The kids clear the table and then take turns getting ready for bed. Well, not Daxen. He likes to stay up until 11-12. I then realize that I didn't put the diapers in the dryer and my clothes are still in the dryer from yesterday. I better fluff them up. Again. For the 3rd time.

I then hop on the computer and edit, respond to emails and messages, and work on work stuff. I try to be done by 11 so I can catch Friends. Thankfully, my husband takes care of Daxen during this time. Around 11, Daxen goes to bed and the house is quiet. We usually watch a little TV. Errr, I mean, I watch Friends and Warren wonders why I think it's funny.

At the end of the day, I realize how thankful I am for this craziness. You see, my life isn't perfect. My house isn't clean. I can't keep up with dishes or laundry. But there are women that yearn for this life. Women that can't have children. Women that have lost a child. Women that have to work outside of the home to help pay bills, but want to be home. In the midst of my day that is filled with whining, tantrums, and moodiness (both me and the kids), there is laughter, fun, love, and gratefulness. I am truly appreciative for the life I have.

(By the way, Emma and Grayden's pictures are reenactments... I surely am not pulling out my camera that early in the morning!!)




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That's awesome! But now I feel lazy compared to you! Lol
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Great blog! I love it! Sound about right!!
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