Thank you for booking a first birthday milestone session! If you're having an in studio session, my studio is located at 214 W. Main Street, Tavares, FL 32778. It is an upstairs location. You can park in front, or behind the building. If you park behind, turn on Joanna off of Main Street and then park behind the green building. My studio is in the green building. The Republican office is
downstairs, and my studio is the blue door to the left and up the stairs. If you need to call me, my phone number is
(352) 455-8015. I might not hear my phone when working, so text if you need to get in touch with me and I don't answer.

If you have an outdoor session, let's talk about location! I love to shoot at many places around Lake County (and a few outside of the county). Think about the look you would like for the photos (field, path, woodsy, mowed grass with tree, bridge, mossy trees, etc.) We will meet approximately 1 hour prior to sunset for the session. Click here to view some outdoor location ideas.

Please be on time, as I don't want to have to lose any time of your session. I only allot a certain amount of time for each session, so being prompt is important.

The session will include all edited digital images. I don't cap off on the amount of images you receive. There's a minimum of 35, but I will give you all that are great! Within 1-2 days of your session, I will message/email you and ask if you want a sneak peek posted. I will have the final images to you within 4 weeks. I will send a link for you to download them and instructions on how to do so. You can also order prints easily through my site.

Every session is a bit different, depending on each child and how they like being photographed. I get a feel for each child’s personality and then will work off of their behavior. Some will be more shy and reserved, and others will be a little more on the wild side.

I want to capture your child being....well.... them! Please don't expect a gazillion of perfectly posed images. I love to capture kids being kids.

Since every session is individualized to the client, I do not keep many props on hand. I do have a wooden birthday cake and also wooden blocks. I have a simplistic photography style. If you'd like to bring props, that's fine - Just let me know beforehand, so I can be prepared, and so that we're on the same page. Things that parents sometimes like to bring: favorite toy, blanket, and/or lovey ... special chair ... confetti balloons

Most parents bring 2-3 outfits.

Cake smash: If you are having a cake smash, we will do the regular portraits first, then do the cake smash last. Due to allergy purposes, you are required to bring your own cake. You can also get creative for your "cake smash" (think donuts, fruit, baby's favorite food, etc). You might want to bring a towel/extra wipes for after the cake smash, to clean up your little one.

Tips to make this the most awesome session ever: Enjoy yourself and try not to be stressed. Kids pick up on stress and tend to do better when parents are relaxed. Also, stay clear from trying to grab your child's attention (this will cause them to look away from me).  At this age, children get overstimulated very quickly and with more than one of us trying to get their attention it often backfires.

As for what to wear, soft colors are perfect. I do not recommend fluorescent or bright colors because they cast colors on the skin that I do not edit out. Shoes are also important - I wouldn't go wild with shoes, stay simple or barefoot. Bold and bright colors can be distracting. Please stay away from mesh headbands with flowers bigger than your baby's head. Small, timeless, non-distracting headbands are the way to go... And the main thing, make sure they are comfortable. These are all my styling opinions. Of course, you don't have to follow any of them because these are your images and I want you to love them, so please dress them comfortably, but please also keep in mind that wardrobe can greatly affect the look of your images. Timeless and classic are, well, timeless and classic.

Click here for a Pinterest board of ideas

I look forward to your session!