Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this precious time for your
family. I am thrilled to work with you and create timeless images that you
will treasure for the years to come.

Please take some time to read through the following information as you prepare for your Hello World, in hospital newborn session.

I put together this guide to give you a little sneak peek into what an in hospital session is like with me. You will also find helpful information on styling, preparation, and tips to make the session run smoothly.

Having 4 kids myself, I know how quickly the moments pass, but also how important it is to capture every detail during the first days.

My style is more of a lifestyle approach. I like to capture images that are natural for a hospital setting. If you have a certain image that you are wanting me to capture, please let me know in advance.

Styling - What to Wear:

My goal is to capture these hours after birth in the purest form. I want you and your family to be comfortable for these photos. I recommend using the hospital shirt and blanket for the photos of baby, or at least for some of them. They really speak life into the hospital setting and the newness of your baby. If you want to have baby photographed in an outfit, or different blanket, please let me know. Keep in mind that soft fabrics and neutral colors photograph well and keep with the newness of baby. Simple is good. We don’t want to take away from baby’s precious features with busy fabrics.


Some moms prefer to not be in many photos, or would like to be a little blurry in the background. Perfectly fine. After a delivery and little sleep, it’s completely understandable. Please let me know if you would like the focus to only be on the baby. You do not have to get dressed up for these photos. Please wear what you feel comfortable in - hospital gown, pajamas, yoga pants, etc. Please try to avoid vivid/fluorescent colors, because they can cause a color cast on the skin that I do not edit out.


Please try to feed baby 15-30 minutes prior to my scheduled arrival. Normally the sessions are quick enough that baby won't need to eat during the session.


Please change baby’s diaper a few minutes prior to my scheduled arrival. This will
ensure that baby is dry and ready for pictures. A dry (and fed) baby is usually a happy baby.


If you have another child (or more than one!), that you would like photographed with their new sibling, please let me know, so I can schedule a time that works with their schedule (like naps, school, etc.). We want the older sibling(s) to be well rested for photos.

With older children, please don’t say, “That’s not your REAL smile.” I love to document children just
as they are, smiling or not. Pure emotion isn’t always in a cheesy grin.

To schedule my time to come:

Please email me when you deliver, or when you go to the hospital. This way, I can
schedule a time to come and photograph your little one that works best with your schedule, as well as mine.

Extra Notes:

If all goes as planned, the hospital session will take about 20 minutes. There have been times that the session has taken up to an hour, when baby wants to be changed and fed. Please plan on an average of 20(ish) minutes, but upwards to an hour, if needed.

I like to post sneak peeks on Facebook within 3 days of your session. If you do not wish for photos to be posted, please let me know. I only post if approval is given via email.

You will receive all edited, full size images within 4 weeks of your session. I will notify you when your
images are ready for you to download. Please remember to back up your files.
I will send detailed instructions on how to download your images when they are ready.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and for choosing to work with me.

 Brenda Anderson