Thank you for booking a studio mini session for kids! My studio is located at 214 W. Main Street, Tavares, FL 32778.
It is an upstairs location. You can park in front, or behind the building. If you park behind, turn on Joanna off
of Main Street and then park behind the green building. My studio is in the green building. The Republican office is
downstairs, and my studio is the blue door to the left and up the stairs. If you need to call me, my phone number is
(352) 455-8015. I might not hear my phone when working, so text if you need to get in touch with me and I don't answer.

These minis will be a bit different than normal because I will have clients wait in their car/outside. I will text you when I am ready for you to come in (please email me back with the phone number that you want me to text you at the day of). I am keeping my waiting room closed off and only allowing 1 family in the studio at a time. I will be sanitizing the doorknob, railing, baby gate, and any other surfaces that are touched.

Important! I would like clients to follow the normal protocols for covid precautions. If anyone in your house has covid symptoms (or any illness) or has come in recent contact with anyone that has covid (or any illness), please let me know prior to your session so we can reschedule. I will allow reschedules due to illness/exposure to illness.

The mini session will include 3 images that you choose and you can purchase additional images for $10 each. When you receive the proofing images you will have 7 days to select your images because the link expires. If you do not select the images within this time frame, there will be a $25 fee to reopen the gallery. Invoices must be paid within 7 days.

Every session is a bit different, depending on each child and how they like being photographed. I get a feel for each child’s personality and then will work off of their behavior. Some will be more shy and reserved, and others will be a little more on the wild side.  Please don't expect a gazillion of perfectly posed images. I love to capture kids being kids. 

Tips to make this the most awesome session ever: 

If kids see mom talking happily, they usually feel more relaxed, so try not to be stressed. If you are stressed, your child will be stressed. Let your kids know that a session with me will be fun. And, if your child doesn't care and decides to have the meltdown of 2020, I am totally cool with that. I have 4 kids, and I have meltdowns myself, so don't worry. I have yet to have a session where I couldn't get a good gallery due to a child's behavior. And yes, there have been plenty of meltdowns. Don't feel stressed about getting your kids to smile. I want you to relax and let me do my thing. By the way, a serious face in a photo is preferred over a forced smile. I usually get the most genuine smiles when I fake toot or talk about poop, so if I completely mortify myself, it's all for the sake of your pictures.

As for what to wear, I do not recommend fluorescent or super bright colors, as they cast colors on the skin, that I do not edit out. Try not to be too matchy matchy, but instead, coordinate. For headbands, dainty is best. Please stay away from mesh headbands with flowers bigger than your child's head. Small, timeless, non distracting headbands are the way to go. And the main thing, make sure they are comfortable. These are all my styling opinions. Of course, you don't have to follow any of them, because these are your images and I want you to love them, so please dress them comfortably, but please also keep in mind that wardrobe can greatly affect the look of your images. Timeless and classic are, well, timeless and classic.

I look forward to your session!