Brenda Anderson Photography | Motherhood

I am so excited that you booked a Motherhood Mini Session. These sessions are near and dear to my heart because all too often, we don't get in the pictures with our kids. Photography is so important to me because it tells a story. It freezes moments that we will only get back through memories and photographs. 

Motherhood Mini Sessions are for moms with kids of any age, from babies to adults. Motherhood should be celebrated through all seasons, and I encourage you to make this a tradition to have these photos taken every year.

These sessions will be held in my studio located at 214 W. Main Street, Tavares, FL 32778. My studio is an upstairs location. It is in a green(ish) 2 story building, kind of across the street from the older, round courthouse. The bottom of the building I am in is the Republican office. My door is blue(ish) and a smidgen to the left. My logo is on the door. You can park on Main Street, or directly behind the building, off of Joanna. Please arrive a few minutes early. These minis are back to back, so you might have to wait a few moments until I finish up the session prior to yours. Please make yourself at home. My boys turn the studio upside down, so I am used to the toys being played with (and even the pictures being taken down), so please don't feel on edge if you have rambunctious kids.

My approach will be very relaxed and not too posed. I will try to get a couple images of everyone looking at the camera and smiling. I will concentrate more on the connection. After all, I want you to see life happening in these images, and capture the connection and love you have.

What to wear? What to wear can be so stressful, but yet so easy. What you wear has a huge impact on the look of your images. Keep in mind that my studio is very neutral and simple. Soft and neutral colors really enhance the timelessness of images and keep them very classic. I recommend neutral colors (white, cream, tan, khaki). Pastels, denim, browns, grays, and black are also lovely. I would stay away from white t-shirts, but button ups and shirts with texture (especially lace) are great. If you are stuck on what to wear, I would be glad to help. Email me for more advice ( I love client wardrobe so much, I have decided to carry clothing in my studio for you to borrow during your session. If you would like to see images of what I have, please let me know. For children, please let me know their sizes and I will be glad to style them with my client wardrobe. I have a bathroom in the studio, so you can change in there. For wardrobe inspiration, I made a Pinterest board of stuff I love! Click here to get ideas.

Please know that I am quite outgoing during sessions, and will more than likely say weird things and possibly pretend I toot. I will embarrass myself greatly, just to get some genuine reactions. Just roll with it, please.

If I failed to cover something that you have questions about it, please email me.

Thank you for investing in me to capture this special time for you. I appreciate you.