I’m so excited to be photographing your new baby! Such a true pleasure and honor, so thank you for choosing me to capture these precious memories for you.

There is no doubt that being a new parent can be overwhelming. I have 4 littles myself and totally understand. The first few weeks can be such a blur, and it’s so important to stop and capture these first moments. Pictures bring back memories. Memories of baby’s breath, the smell of baby’s hair, and baby’s tiny features. So perfect and precious.

Sessions are held in my studio located at 214 W. Main Street, Tavares, FL 32778. My studio is in downtown Tavares, near the round courthouse. It is an upstairs location in a greenish building. The Republican office is downstairs, and my door is to the left. The door is blue, with my logo on it. You can park in front of my studio, or behind it.

This is simply to serve as a guide to prep for your newborn session.

Purely Baby - Natural Newborn sessions are just that. This is a full newborn session photograph your new baby in a natural setting with neutral/soft colors. The poses will be determined by what baby is comfortable with.

I have had 5 day new babies not want to sleep and I've had 20 day new babies sleep the entire time. All babies are different. Posing a sleepy baby is much easier/quicker. Some poses cannot be done with an awake baby. If baby is awake, more swaddled poses will be used. To prepare for a sleepy baby session. Try to keep baby awake for at least an hour prior to the session, give baby a bath, then feed baby. A zipped up sleeper, or a kimono shirt, are great to dress baby in because they are easier to change and don't usually leave markings on baby's skin. Socks, mittens, elastic pants, etc. can leave markings on baby's skin. Loosening the tabs on baby's diaper is also helpful.

I photograph very simplistically and capture a lot of details of baby as well. I like to create timeless images that can be proudly displayed. If you have an heirloom that is special to you, and you would like it photographed with baby, please let me know in advance. Also, if there are any images of mine that you love, and want me to do as well, please also let me know in advance, so that I have everything ready when you arrive. I have quite a few neutral fabrics to choose from. If you would like a certain fabric, you can let me know in the studio. If you are having a girl, please feel free to bring headbands that you love. Keep in mind the timeless, neutral look that will run consistent with your photos. I do have some headbands/tiebacks in the studio as well.

Please bring a pacifier, preferably the soothie type from the hospital, because it doesn’t leave marks on baby's face.

Please bring plenty of diapers and wipes for baby. The session can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2ish hours. If you are formula feeding, please make sure to bring formula. Snacks for yourself are also great to have on hand in case the session runs long.

Please come dressed for heat. The heater will be on to keep baby warm and cozy.

I will send an email after the session asking if you'd like a sneak peek posted. I only post if I have permission via email.

You will receive all edited, full size images within 4 weeks of your session. I will notify you when your
images are ready for you to proof. Please remember to back up your files.