Simply Beautiful

What is beauty to you? When was the last time that you felt beautiful? When was the last time that you felt like nobody was watching and you were free to be you? When was the last time you did something special for yourself? 


For me, being brutally honest, I haven't done anything special for myself, or have even felt the slightest bit of beauty in quite a while.


I can't be the only one, right?


I want to feel beautiful, and I want you to feel beautiful, too.


A client approached me about a boudoir session. I declined. But for the remainder of that night and the next day, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Why was I declining? So I pondered. And I talked it over with a couple of friends. I talked through my struggles and my strengths. And what it came down to is, I needed to do this. I need to show women how beautiful they are. So here I am, starting a new addition to my business, Simply Beautiful. These sessions will be just as they are called, Simply Beautiful. These sessions will be feminine. They will be classy. They will be empowering. They will show you how beautiful you are in the simplest setting. I can't make you beautiful, because you are already beautiful, and I want to show you your beauty in photographs.


Women often spend so much time helping others, we often neglect to help ourselves. And because of this, I want to concentrate on you. These sessions can be come as you are, very casual, or you can bring more than one change of clothes. These don't have to be lacy and high heels. Tanks, sweaters, hubby's shirt, however you feel comfortable.


I am also teaming up with a local hair and makeup artist, Kara, with LaRu'e Kay Salon. You can add hair styling and/or makeup services to your session (and she's my hair stylist, too!!) You can check out her Facebook and website. She can come to the studio, or you can go to her salon prior to your session.


I will be offering these sessions year round. You will receive your images within 2 weeks of the session and will be able to order prints, or even a little black book for your hubby.

Be you. Be beautiful. Be simply beautiful.