Thank you so much for booking a Simply Beautiful Boudoir session. These sessions take place in my studio which is located in downtown Tavares (214 W. Main Street, Tavares). My goal is to help you embrace you and capture the beauty that everyone woman uniquely possesses.

The first step is to decide how modest you want this to be, or how edgy. Please take some time to scour Pinterest and find some images that you love and send those to me. I want to make sure that we are on the same page. My email is [email protected]

After we brainstorm for your session, we can discuss clothing if you'd like. Right now, strappy and lace are in. I also love comfy, baggy, off the shoulder tops and boy shorts.

Please know that I photographed myself in a whole bunch of great, and weird poses/outfits/(and more...). I wanted to get on the other side of the camera to fully understand the awkwardness, hilariousness, and beauty in this. I am happy to share my images when we meet in studio if you want some more out of the box ideas.

Tips for days prior to your session:

If you wax, make sure you do it days in advance

Try not to have tan lines/sunburn (I usually can't fix that in Photoshop)

Never, ever, ever spray tan

Water nourishes the skin, so drink plenty of it! Salt also retains water, so you can cut it out a bit prior to

Choose clothing that flatters you and that you feel relaxed, comfortable, and beautiful in. Make sure your personality shines through.

Remove all tags and labels from your clothes that you're bringing that could be noticeable

Make sure your nails are taken care of

Tips for the day of the session:

Shave them legs

Moisturize that skin

You can do your own hair and makeup, have it done by a pro before coming, or bring a stylist to my studio. I also work with Kara at La'Rue Kay Salon and she offers a special for in studio styling. Just let me know in advance what you will be doing, please.

When you're coming to the studio, please wear loose fitting clothing so there's no lines (like socks...)

Make sure to wear clear deodorant

Bring clothing that you feel your best in

You can bring music, wine, snacks, your bestie - whatever makes you comfortable

AND! Relaxxxxxxxxxxxx! This is a fabulous and fun experience!

At any time, if you have questions, please shoot me an email.