I am so excited that you chose me to photograph your family for a sunrise beach mini session! I am humbled and thrilled to capture these precious memories for you. Please know that my approach is very unscripted, sometimes a bit of high energy, and usually a tad goofy. I am not a huge fan of too posed images. Yes, I will try to get a few good smiling at the camera shots, but I love to also capture emotion, laughter, details, snuggling, and playing (depending on the child(ren), of course).

These sunrise sessions take place in Ponce Inlet. There is a $10 parking fee ($20 for a 1 year pass). It's a beautiful place, you could even plan on staying and enjoy the beach after your session! The location is called Lighthouse Point Park, and the address is 5000 South Atlantic Ave. Ponce Inlet, FL (please know exactly where this is - this is NOT the actual lighthouse.)

The light changes quickly, so we might move around a bit to take full advantage of the beach and beautiful sunrise.  The sky is completely different every morning, and every minute it changes. Some days it is a bit more cloudy, or a bit more bright, but that is what makes these sessions so unique and perfect to me. None are alike. The way the clouds are for your session time will never be duplicated. However it is, it will be lovely!

A disclaimer on the time: Flexibility is important. It there are thick clouds, we will have to start a few minutes late. If there are thin or no clouds, we will start on time, so being early is important in case there aren't any clouds to filter the sun. I shoot at sunrise a lot and just a few minutes can make a huge difference, so please be understanding if the time has to be bumped down a tad. Be there and ready though!

Please come a bit early to your session. Please be at the beach ready before your session starts. This will ensure the time runs smoothly. I will not cut into another family's session if you're late, so it would cut out of your time. The sun can get out of control quick at sunrise, so there's not much wiggle room for the last session. There is a "long" walk from the parking lot to the beach, so please keep that in mind (about 5 minutes). On your walk, if you walk through the sand, please be cautious of rocks. You can either take the sandy path or the boardwalk to the beach. You will meet me at the water. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE wear bug spray/lotion. The no-see-ums are out in full force about 90% of the time. We might get lucky not to have any, but they are usually there.

There are usually a few photographers there at sunrise. I will be the crazy lady running around and talking loudly.

As for what to wear, I want you to feel comfortable and beautiful. Please choose a wardrobe that matches your style, as well as the scenery. For beach sessions, neutrals (gray, tan, white, cream) are perfect. Even a hint of color (blush, gold, pale blue, faded denim) look good, too. Don't get too matchy matchy (like Olan Mills style). Keep in mind that what you wear makes a HUGE impact on the look of your photos. Mom, wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks. If you get stuck with wardrobe, please send me an email/message, and I can help. Flowy dresses are amazing. Barefoot is perfect. It is usually very windy, so shorter dresses are not ideal.

Click here for a Pinterest board with wardrobe inspiration.

Here are links to great dress sites:


Ivy City

Piper and Scoot

Morning Lavender


Baltic Born


Free People


For kids: Old Navy, Gap, H&M, and Zara are great.


You will be getting a bit wet.

If you are vacationing, please know that if you're sunburned, I won't fix that in editing. Blotchy skin and tan lines won't be edited out.

Dads and kids are usually half asleep for these sessions. It's totally okay. Don't fret. Keep in mind that I had a photographer do my family's beach photos and I experienced what all moms go through trying to prepare and get through a beach session. Major props to you (pure insanity for me - haha). That's why I am writing a novel to tell you all of my experiences that I have found work best to keep this smooth for your family. Remember, if mom is happy, everyone is happy. Please choose happiness (at least for 12 minutes)!

Tips on your kid(s): Let kids be kids. I will try my best to get a good, traditional portrait, but there will be playing, laughing, and snuggling. No "cheese" smiles, please! Sometimes kids don't even smile, and it is okay. I am here to document your family on this day, just as they are. Snuggling images are some of my favorite. Sometimes more reserved children don't open up much, but that is perfect, because that is them. Please don't threaten your kids. That usually doesn't end well. I will guide you on how to work with them to create portraits where you can't tell they are upset. A handful of times I have had littles hate the beach and they cried the entire time. I was still able to get a full gallery with thrilled parents. So we'll work with any child (just as long as you stay happy, mom!).

Props: I am not a proppy person for beach sessions. Let's just enjoy nature's props.

Moms: please remember to keep good posture and your chin pulled out a bit to help make more flattering images. I will try to remind you, but with quick moving kiddos, it's sometimes hard.

Click here to see some images from sunrise beach sessions that I love! This will help prepare you for the way that I shoot, plus wardrobe ideas. You will receive a good variety of images in your gallery. No two galleries are the same, but some pictures are very similar.

If you need to contact me the morning of the session, my phone number is (352) 455-8015.

If at any time you have questions, please email or message me. I am here to help make this a great photo shoot for you!