Brenda Anderson Photography | Wedding Prep

Hey there! Your wedding is quickly approaching! I wanted to take a moment to go over some last minute preparation so that it's smooth sailing the day of your wedding. If you have a wedding coordinator, you can pass this link on to her. Some brides have their maid of honor coordinate these final details, so feel free to pass this information on to the person in charge of these details.

Speaking of details, they are so important to photograph. Every detail that you have spent time preparing to be a part of your day, I want to photograph. I love for the photographs to tell a story, and it's important to make sure every chapter is included in your wedding story. In the midst of a busy, blissful day, you pass by a lot of the details. When you look through your wedding photos, I will have them all captured for you.

When we first arrive, my assistant and I will walk the venue for a few moments to check on lighting, coverage, and ideal spots. After that, we will come to your bridal suite. Please have your coordinator have together your dress (special hanger), rings, handwritten vows/notes, shoes, jewelry, invitations, garter, perfume, and anything else special that you want documented before getting ready. This will only take a few moments. It's easiest to have all of the smaller items together in a shoe box, or small box if possible. After this, I will photograph getting ready images. If you aren't quite to the point of getting ready, we will then head over to the guys and do their getting ready images. After that, we'll head back and do yours.

At this point, my assistant and I will head over to the venue and take detail shots there, and guests as they arrive. For the ceremony, I will be up at the front photographing and my assistant will be at the back taking photos from the back and some side angles. We do not usually use any flash during this time, unless in a very dark room.

Please make sure that the bridal party and family that will be photographed know to stay behind and wait after the ceremony for portraits. If you haven't created a list of the groupings of family, please do so within 2 weeks prior to the wedding. An example would be:

1. Grandpa Joe, Grandma Joy, Mom Sue, Dad Jack, Brother John, Brother Pete, Sister Sarah, Brother-in-law Michael, Niece Ana

2. The above with just Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, and Dad

3. The above with just Grandma and Grandpa

*after this image, grandpa and grandma would be done and can go to cocktail hour - It's best to have the older folks done first if there's any difficulty walking/standing/etc. It's also best to have the largest grouping first, then break it down smaller.

4. The above

5. Just parents

6. Just siblings

And so forth...

You don't have to put their relation; I just wanted to help with an example. My assistant will be the one with the list and she will call out the names for the groupings. It is good to have a go to person that knows who everyone is as well, just in case we have some that sneak over to cocktail hour and we need to send a runner to bring them back. You and your husband will stay in the same spot, and we will place everyone around you. This can be a very streamlined and quick process (10-20 minutes) as long as everyone knows to stay and are prepared for pictures. If there's any family dynamics that I need to know about prior to (as in someone not wanting to be near someone else), please let me know when you send the list so we make sure to not have it be an awkward situation.

After this, we will do the bridal party portraits. This takes about 10-15 minutes. And then the bride and groom portraits follow which usually last about 30 minutes.

Please also make sure to get any must have shots to me within 2 weeks prior to your wedding. If you have seen a few images that you love, please send them to me so I can make sure my assistant has them listed on her clipboard so we can do them.

My assistant will be with me almost the entire time. She will fix hair, dresses, etc. and make sure all runs orderly on our end. She second shoots only during the ceremony. The other times she's my right hand gal (her name is Brandi). For longer weddings, she can leave after all of the bigger reception events have taken place, when I no longer need the assistance.

If you haven't had the opportunity to send a timeline of your wedding to me, please have one to me within 2 weeks of the wedding. You can send it much earlier if you would like help with it. Also, if you need to see a sample timeline, please let me know.

If at any time you have any questions, please feel free to email or text me ( and 352-455-8015).

Thanks so much and I am looking forward to capturing your beautiful day!


Brenda Anderson